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Is Mr. Gu excited today

Is Mr. Gu excited today

Is Mr. Gu excited today

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    Is Mr. Gu excited today
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    Jin Chi
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    Bestcar read
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2022-05-19 10:16:58
[cold faced, proud and coquettish president vs full of love talk and drama, little white rabbit] Gu Hanyun, a business district capital boss famous for his cruelty, suddenly announced that he was married. For a while, rumors were everywhere everyone began to wonder who picked this famous "flower of kaolin" in response, the "flower picker" listened to me and explained with tears: "I said it was the flower that moved first. Do you believe it?" * SHEN tingmian, who is short of money and backers, is also a little short of heart and eye. He never dreamed that he could have a rich and handsome cold-hearted husband in his lifetime. Since then, he has reached the peak of his life and won the eyes of many people in an interview with a reporter, Shen tingmian was maliciously asked: "Mrs. Gu, why did you choose to marry Gu Hanyun because he had money?" SHEN tingmian sighed and shook his head regretfully: "that's second, mainly because he was blind." that night, Shen tingmian was knocked on the door panel by Gu Hanyun, in a low and awe inspiring tone: "I heard you're blind? I'll treat you for free?" SHEN listens to sleep, and the corners of his mouth twitch slightly: what if it's agreed to talk only about money but not feelings?

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