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Chaihuang porcelain queen

Chaihuang porcelain queen

Chaihuang porcelain queen

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    Chaihuang porcelain queen
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    White cork
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2021-12-16 16:18:49
In Chai Rong's heart, Zhou Shizong always thought that he loved the world more than he loved Yici (Li Yici / Fu Yici) until the history of the Five Dynasties ยท the Later Zhou Dynasty, Volume 90 in the fifth year of Zhou Xiande, the empress Fu died of illness... the following year, Shizong became ill with worry, and the medicine stone was useless with great ambition, the middle road collapsed, resulting in the destruction of the Han industry in the Central Plains -- if Chai Rong could understand earlier, his memory and kindness would also be his world. He may not shoot the arrow that caused her to fake death on the tower of Dongping city the hero is no match for Chai Rong. His legendary love with Fuhou is just like his middle road collapse, which is a sadistic love. However, this sadistic love has no misunderstanding, suspicion and family gratitude and resentment; Some, more is, because I understand, so complete acquaintance, but did not stay together, oh, no, stay together, just stay together, too hasty therefore, be careful when entering the pit.