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Rebirth of fast wear system

Rebirth of fast wear system

Rebirth of fast wear system

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    Rebirth of fast wear system
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    The secret is unparalleled
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    Cool Novel
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[upgrade stream, shuangwen, no CP in the early stage, 1v1 in the middle stage, self release fake queen x, low-key paranoid fake system] Xuanji, as an identified "Star", inexplicably became the queen who immediately hung up. After being picked up by the system, he worked hard to help those who wanted to repay his wish, and then brushed lotus flowers and drank green tea to abuse slag. Please do not disturb! Upgrading... ① double queen [ancient early love text] ② campus idiot [campus little white text] ③ goodbye in the Jianghu [martial arts reasoning text] ④ reality show queen [entertainment horror text] ⑤ we need to take a bath in the last world [peer killing text] ⑥ copy of interstellar strategy [game random entry text] ⑦ the favorite princess of the regiment is Fubao [ancient sweet favorite text] ⑧ Just want to be a quiet Xueba [campus Xueba text] ⑨ the great God vest can't hold [online text vest text] ⑩ reincarnation hospital [horror brain burning text] 11. Gluttonous! You damned eater [gourmet eater text] 12. Death cruise [system escape text] ... Fantasy, Duke, villain, imperial concubine, Xiuxian... - small theater - your hero has been online, please pay attention to check Xuanji: where's my system male host: do you mind if I eat Xuanji:... QAQ - male host: the good grace love sweet pet text Xuanji: how to brush the boss when the grade is so low male owner: earn experience with his daughter-in-law... [RI Geng, thank you for your collection and subscription, MUA! (* ╯ 3)]