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Immortal love

Immortal love

Immortal love

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    Immortal love
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    Cai Zi's cat
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    Apple novel
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2021-12-03 04:14:12
Liu Junzhi is a white snake with feathers and feathers that has been cultivated for thousands of years. He thought he could become an immortal after the last disaster, but he failed to do so after the disaster the mountain god told him: "you need to go through the last love disaster before you can fly back to your place" she is a ghost who crossed from modern times to the farmgirl "Xiaolian". On Xiaolian, she felt the warmth of being concerned by her family, "I married you just to go through the disaster and fly up. After I fly up, you can still marry others" Liu Junzhi frowned and explained Xiaolian looked disappointed and said painfully, "well, I wish you to become a Tao as soon as possible" most of the love in the world has been divided by others. As expected, it still can't turn to me!

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