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Win the world cup with you

Win the world cup with you

Win the world cup with you

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    Win the world cup with you
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    Seven young husbands away from home
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    Weixin Book
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2022-07-30 13:21:47
He is a game genius, a campus male God and a wife protector she is a master of games, a lovely Lori and a perfect wife "an online love affair has been planned for a month, just to pave the way for the reality?! however, someone made trouble at the exchange meeting, but unexpectedly angered the crazy devil who protected his wife!" at the beginning: after su Yumeng was dumped, he talked about an online love affair. Later, I found that the other party was his childhood sweetheart at the agreed exchange meeting; Is their own campus senior; Is the game God in my mind! What kind of love sparks will the collision of two people's passions bring? What kind of wonderful E-sports events will the same dream of two people bring [want to know? Click to have a look!]

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