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I became a bug in the survival game

I became a bug in the survival game

I became a bug in the survival game

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    I became a bug in the survival game
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Demining: cultivation department, growth article women are super weak (key) in the early stage. They are not big men who destroy heaven and earth at the beginning of course, it will grow later ah, yes, the hostess's character is not a lovely type she is independent, independent and has few friends. It's enough to be sincere. Is she a little lonely? (Ho, this is not easy to describe)... enter various game worlds and complete the task of system release - mysterious island seven day nightmare campus global warming warning closed ancient countryside there are sudden diseases, making the whole city chaotic survival type, puzzle solving type, and all kinds of strange stories after the game passes the customs, you will be able to return to the real world if the game fails, you will always stay in the game world - there is CP: calm and rational growth Department female leader vs hidden big man belly black fake milk dog (the plot line is mainly, and the male leader appears a little less) ——

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