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Atypical King competition

Atypical King competition

Atypical King competition

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    Atypical King competition
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    Autumn frost flower Creek
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    Passion Novel
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2021-11-28 17:24:41
E-sports articles focus on love, supplemented by games indifferent and mysterious professional players x inspirational and arrogant female college students chasing their husband poor debt rich second generation X heartless Bai Fumei Zeng Zhixi's daily life is nothing more than watching the game and chasing men's gods. It's a pity that such creatures as male gods can be caught if they want to catch them copywriter: Xu Ke: you mean, you like me for six years xiaowaibao nodded: add this year, seven years Xu Ke: I don't like you and don't want to find a girlfriend xiaowaibao dried his tears: "it doesn't matter if you don't like it. I won't give up. We'll have a long future." a long future Xiao sobao: "I don't like you anymore." Xu Ke: "who else can you like if you don't like me?" Xiao sobao: "but you don't like me at all." Xu Ke: "it's two o'clock now." Xiao sobao: "what do you say?" Xu Ke: "I like you more."

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