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Idyllic rabbit demon

Idyllic rabbit demon

Idyllic rabbit demon

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    Idyllic rabbit demon
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    Anning, run away
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2022-05-11 23:52:27
A rabbit demon who has lived for 500 years wears a Yue before he dies. By the way, he collects his parents in the forest when you open your eyes, you are in a dilapidated hut. Do you want to get rich and work Yes! The old father is the head of planting and breeding, and the old mother is the help of a virtuous wife in cooking, washing and embroidery. She is an art student with money in art major, commonly known as salted fish mom and dad roll up their sleeves and cheer up. A family of three will make money for one yuan. There will be milk and bread. Let's see how her little salted fish laughed strong in ancient times (the plot won't go in the direction of the strange magic immortal ~ it's a normal little rabbit demon farming text. There are few male masters in the early stage ~)