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Metaphysical ancestors dressed as rich and poor

Metaphysical ancestors dressed as rich and poor

Metaphysical ancestors dressed as rich and poor

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    Metaphysical ancestors dressed as rich and poor
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    Yueyu Nanzhi
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    Long Novel
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2022-01-22 07:26:41
As a disciple of the leader of Zixiao sect, Suan jiuqin woke up again. She was more than her ancestors. She turned into a poor girl abandoned by her rich family's mother when they returned to the rich family, everyone was waiting to see the jokes of the vulgar and wild girl in the countryside, but he turned out to be a big man netizens scoffed: "count Jiuqing is a God who eats by mouth. Don't be cheated by her." but one day they saw that count Jiuqing, who laughs at him as a God, gathered around him and treated her respectfully a superstar in the singing world: there will be no concert today. I want to ask the master to calculate when I will have good luck research leader: Master, do you calculate that this project will go well the richest man in Jiangcheng: Master, help. Something's wrong with my company again. Is it wrong people cover their faces: hiss ~ their faces hurt - when they saw that Suan Jiuqing was in trouble and respected, they had to comfort themselves. At least she married a short-lived ghost but the second master Qin, who should have been short-lived, not only didn't die, but his body was getting better and better, and his face was red when a reporter interviewed him and asked him how he was doing, the second master Qin smiled, "of course, my daughter-in-law cured him, and my family is my little lucky star." after the live interview, they saw that big brother Qin took his little lucky star's hand and walked away, counting jiuqin's kindness all the way people: shit, it's unscientific!

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