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2021-11-25 11:47:06
[well known female game anchor vs little brother of male voice of healing Department] Shen Yi, a rookie female anchor of popular game live broadcasting platform, has become the trump anchor of Gudong in just two years. When it comes to anchor Shen Yi, she is beautiful and has little technical flow once, fans: does this ID look familiar? Was it a double row with him yesterday? Return the dishes Shen Yi: playing games without talking fans: it's a technology. I don't see it! Didn't you say you didn't play games with food Shen Yi: I still didn't speak while playing games fans: go ahead! How much? Take me on the score the crowd was still waiting for Shen Yi's answer. A gentle and magnetic voice came from the live studio, "I'm dead again." then, the water friends only saw that the anchor's eyes narrowed, and even the tiny tear mole in the corner of his eyes was a little wild "one kill: firstblood." "double kill: doublekill." "three kills: triplekill." "four kills: quadrakill." "five kills: pentakill" after that, I saw the anchor look at a place and hook his lips, "I'll avenge you." the water friends blew up, how fat is it why is there a dog man next to fairy Shen "who is the dog man? Pick him out!!" a weak voice floats across the screen. The color of red is very eye-catching "it seems like Gu Yinan." then the live studio is quiet, followed by neat subtitles< br>“99”“999”“9999”…

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