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Red flame ice heart

Red flame ice heart

Red flame ice heart

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    Red flame ice heart
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    Magic pen code monk
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    Wind Book
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2021-11-25 06:05:07
Tianmang star, Ma Liang died for love and woke up to be Miss Qianjin's red flame Bingxin. He has a peerless appearance and is naturally fond of bones. He was supposed to have a reliable appearance to eat, but he awakened the divine pen spirit. The CI and Yuan songs of the Tang Shizong are familiar, profound and powerful. Taking red bean and mung bean as two stunning maidens, he began the great journey of confusing the common people and conquering the planet. Only when the host soul wakes up, where will his lonely soul go three highlights of this book: ① what sparks will be produced by the combination of goddess's body and otaku's soul ② when the heart of heartless love meets true love, can it amaze the soul ③ how will the idea of conquering the planet and the wish to save life burst out?

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