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If you can t turn back on this road

If you can t turn back on this road

If you can t turn back on this road

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    If you can t turn back on this road
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    Vchale Novel
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2021-11-24 13:59:50
Meng Jiang, the queen of Shu, led hundreds of thousands of loyal souls of Shu to bury their bones in a foreign land. Her tired and scribbled life should have ended here, but she met her old friend at the end of the bridge. It turned out that none of the people she wanted to protect all her life remained. Unable to accept all this, she lost her soul, but was forced to stay in Naihe bridge for 3000 years by Cong Yang, the Tibetan king who had been with her for ten years three thousand years later, Meng Jiang, whose memory was tampered with, was brought back to earth by Cong Yang. He was deceived to look for those scattered souls, so he experienced the pain three thousand years ago again and again when the song of weaving dreams sounded, the old friend fell into a dream and time went back. Meng Jiang made the same choice again and was always unwilling to turn back "why do you want me to turn back? These are my own choices. Why do you interfere with my choices?" if you dream too deeply, it will always make people lose. Meng Jiang is not lost. She is also the same as 3000 years ago. CONGYANG is lost. She can't bear to move like the earth and is quiet and deep. After all, he is no longer the king of Tibet 50000 years ago. In order to help Meng Jiang return Yang, he was desperate and even forgot his life Yan Luo, Wang cangming, Cong Yang's best brother, went against the sky to meet Cong Yang's wishes and turn the clock. However, he accidentally saw that Cong Yang and Meng Jiang were entangled deeper and longer than 3000 years ago it was 50000 years ago. Cong Yang was Cong Yang, but Meng Jiang was not Meng Jiang. At that time, she was also called shaking light... A conspiracy of tens of thousands of years was slowly revealed with the development of things. Who did the middle game, who moved who's heart, and who should be robbed.

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