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Sheng Shaojia s wood beauty

Sheng Shaojia s wood beauty

Sheng Shaojia s wood beauty

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    Sheng Shaojia s wood beauty
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    How much sugar
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    Wine Novel
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2022-01-20 12:57:06
Sheng Shao, who heard that the imperial capital is not close to women, picked up a beauty from the outside. The beauty has exquisite facial features and a good figure, but she can't speak everyone says that beauty is a mute I can't laugh, cry and have no expression like a delicate wood beauty later it came out that the beauty escaped from the mental hospital people in the circle laugh at her, but she is a mentally ill person. How can Sheng Shao see her wood beauty personally demonstrated what brain disease is, so that those people were afraid to provoke her again Sheng Shao on one side looked at her mouth JIANG Chenchen: "am I fierce?" Sheng Mingsi reached out and rubbed her head, "not fierce. You're the most lovely." Others: see the ghost Mingming is a villain. What AI little white rabbit people don't talk much. Female vs. black and affectionate male, 1v1, sweet.