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Shao Hua Qingchen

Shao Hua Qingchen

Shao Hua Qingchen

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    Shao Hua Qingchen
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    Warm clouds, smoke and rain
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    Free Novel
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2022-09-28 18:35:53
Speaking of Shao Qingchen, the little princess of the fairy world, no one in the Six Worlds knows. She became the little emperor Ji of the demon world when she was a newborn baby,. At the age of 1700 and hairpin, the God honored her personally and saluted her. She was granted the only female monarch in the divine world. In the eyes of the world, she is full of glory, but the world does not know that she is a natural God, a natural God with complete divine personality and complete divine soul. Even without these titles, she is also the most noble person in heaven and earth. She is in charge of killing and holding life and death. When the world knew her true identity, everyone respected her and feared her. Only one person always regarded her as an ordinary little girl, loved her and loved her Shi Xi: "Xiao Chen, I've come to take you home." Shao Qingchen: "Shi Xi, I'm not young. Don't call me that." Shi Xi: "in my eyes, you'll always be the innocent girl who broke into the forbidden area of Shi clan by mistake." Shao Qingchen: "well, ah Xi, how about I marry you?"

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