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Demon emperor and imperial concubine

Demon emperor and imperial concubine

Demon emperor and imperial concubine

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    Demon emperor and imperial concubine
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    A cat
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    Free Trial Novel
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2021-12-12 17:40:59
She: a broken ghost, once reborn, sent into a broken body, opened her eyes again, lived in a different world, carried space, broke into the sky and earth, broke down families and people, searched for relatives and solved mysteries... fate has not been formed, and everything you encounter will be robbed. What are you afraid of when you know each other? I am willing to be robbed for you he: mysterious and dark, demons and power. All his previous encounters are dim, and the silk you encounter is bright. When you pick your handsome eyebrow, you gently lift your thin lips: in the rest of your life, I will accompany you to go all over the world and see the prosperity once you attack the world in Chinese clothes, stand in the clouds with his hand.

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