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The survival strategy of the female playwright

The survival strategy of the female playwright

The survival strategy of the female playwright

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    The survival strategy of the female playwright
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    Bodhi Yuyan
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    Wind Book
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2022-08-30 01:13:38
"Immortal, don't joke. How can an intelligent robot have your magic power?" Yan Xiaomeng said with a smile "it hasn't been before. You've had it since I bound you." "Jimmy, I haven't treated you badly. I've never let you cut off the power and turn off the machine. You can't disobey your master." "I bought you after half a year's hard work. That's the money for half of my kidney. You can't be greedy." Yan Xiaomeng is serious and right Jimmy is not a fuel-efficient system either "if it weren't for me, you would have drowned in the septic tank." "I really forgot if you didn't tell me. Why did you bind me when you saved me?" Yan Xiaomeng asked angrily "how can I save you without binding?" Jimmy asked slowly as Jimmy of the system, his task is to let Yan Xiaomeng live well with this new identity if the performance is poor, Jimmy's self destruction system will give up Yan Xiaomeng for the sake of his own life, Yan Xiaomeng certainly chose to face the difficulties what is the difficulty in getting her? Such difficulties have not been born yet. Even if they are born, Yan Xiaomeng will put them back into his mother's stomach What if you can't put it back easy to handle, smash it directly so here comes the problem next, how did Yan Xiaomeng tear green tea by hand and perform the drama life of chicken flying and dog jumping by relying on the system if my sister is a white lotus, how can I break it who is the handsome man beaten?

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