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My online love object is the God of E-sports

My online love object is the God of E-sports

My online love object is the God of E-sports

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    My online love object is the God of E-sports
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    Ah, little garbage
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    Mp3 Books
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2022-07-22 23:15:19
Jiangxiaocha never dreamed that she would fall in love with the God of E-sports online, and the God of E-sports is still her boss! Real TM stab (top) excite (head) ------- fans once thought that their own E-sports God with high cold tongue straight male cancer was alone until one day, fans found something wrong with their great God! Very wrong the former Z God - women only affect the speed of my sword the present Z God - Z God: Yao Mei, go to me Yao: fans: Z God:... On me the later God Z - Yao in the first second God Z: I help you, you are free fans: outrageous... Outrageous one night, Z God rolled over live. All the audience in the live broadcasting room listened to their own high cold God incarnated as a soft waxy little Jiaofu, asking for a kiss and hold high fans:!!! It's said that E-sports doesn't need love ---- Secretary GAO found that since a new intern came to the company, President Lin has become more and more moody - President Lin: who painted this rubbish and dirty my eyes Secretary Gao is trembling: I'll call back and let the intern do it again President Lin quickly pressed the online manuscript that Secretary Gao was about to take away: wait after three seconds President Lin: from another point of view, these pictures seem quite pleasing to the eye Secretary Gao:... (secretary Gao's inner monologue: why is President Lin like this?) ---- since he met Jiang Xiaocha, Lin Ye is either on the way to Zhenxiang or on the way to Zhenxiang every day [the shoulder of the dog leg world] vs [the executioner of the e-sports world]

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