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There is a grocery store on the corner

There is a grocery store on the corner

There is a grocery store on the corner

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    There is a grocery store on the corner
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    Frost leaves under the moon
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    Free Trial Novel
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2022-01-02 17:00:08
There is a grocery store on the corner. The owner of the store is beautiful in Jin Liang's career, one is to study new artificial intelligence, and the other is to clock in at the shop regularly every day. Now one becomes two, and two becomes one when she first met her, she came from the darkness with a palace lantern. Jin Liang felt that he had found his own light Jin Liang said to her, "I swear by my soul to protect you." funny version: Cao Kaixuan never dreamed that he was only working with the team leader for promotion and salary increase, and was forced to join the special investigation team, either on the way of being chased by ghosts or on the way of chasing bad people the interweaving of past and present lives, 717 organization tit for tat, the ancient tomb of the dynasty thousands of years ago, What will be the outcome of the special investigation team when the life and death duel on the cruise ship reaches the end?

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