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Sing the flashy warbler language

Sing the flashy warbler language

Sing the flashy warbler language

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    Sing the flashy warbler language
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    Yun Tiao
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    Happy Novel
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2022-04-18 03:00:13
In the heart of little flower demon Liying, her sister Liyuan is the most important person in the world later, Liying fell in love with a monk. From then on, she had two most important people in her heart my sister also fell in love with a demon catcher. Both sisters are working hard for their love she traveled around with the monk to improve her cultivation. She thought her sincere heart would move him one day however, before he moved, her world fell apart the Sansheng mirror shows the fate of the two. She is his robber love robbery on the road to Buddha she remembered that he wanted to become a Buddha a person who becomes a Buddha must abandon his love without mercy. How can we achieve good results without suffering he always gives his own answer, just like reading the Sutra of Nirvana on weekdays. He is not sad or happy, has no desire or desire, and says: I must become a Buddha the last string in Li Ying's heart finally broke a thousand years ago, she was a war fairy in the evil world. A thousand years later, she set off another bloody storm for her sister Liyuan sister is her most important person. Liying will never allow anyone to hurt her, even the war fairy who is invincible take the body as a sacrifice and lead the array to kill the immortal. Once Zhan Xian dies, my sister will be peaceful forever of course, once you die, a monk can become a Buddha I just don't know, zipan, are you at peace when you step on my body and repair it into a Siraitia grosvenorii Liying finally guarded the two most important people in her life with her own death is my sister sure to cry? But with the demon catcher, she was relieved I just don't know if the monk will cry?