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Kneel down and beg the little ancestor not to be a demon

Kneel down and beg the little ancestor not to be a demon

Kneel down and beg the little ancestor not to be a demon

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    Kneel down and beg the little ancestor not to be a demon
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    Lemon girl
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    People Books
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2022-05-05 06:56:06
After sleeping for thousands of years, my little ancestor woke up and became the eldest lady of a rich family who had been lost in the countryside in order to pass the boring time, I am finally willing to go back to Si's house and wander around everyone thought that this must be a local steamed stuffed bun from the countryside. He behaved vulgar and rustic. He was a thorough hick. He was waiting for the Secretary's joke. Who knows... big brother jumped up directly: my sister was actually a "genius" in the business world the second sister collapsed: what did you say? My sister is actually a legendary mysterious singer the third brother is crazy: his sister is actually his "big gold owner" (crazily hugging his thighs) parents are crazy: my baby girl is great business leaders: let you do it, let you make trouble, please join Music boss: ask for guidance leaders of the Research Institute: Little ancestors, please join our research the little ancestor smiled darkly: are you sure little heads nodding like garlic as a result... the big men begged for bitter tears one after another kneel down and beg your little ancestor not to be a demon this little ancestor is not ordinary ********** Lu Jingnan looked pitifully at the happy little ancestor beside him "have you had enough? My little ancestor." Si pomelo shook his head; "The world is so big, how can you play enough?" Lu Jingnan pulled up his little ancestor's paw meaningfully, "go, I'll play with you." "Lu Jingnan, you cheat!" looking at the little milk bag next to him, this time the little ancestor was crazy Lu Jingnan, you're finished stay with me to the end -- spoil you and love you make heaven and earth with you!

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