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Sorry, I m strong

Sorry, I m strong

Sorry, I m strong

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    Sorry, I m strong
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    Wu Miaomiao
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2022-05-06 15:47:00
The sound foam of bangzun No.1 is trapped in a nightmare. It must challenge the 100 floors of success within a month, otherwise it will face the "title" crisis who knows, the top four players in the same list are the same for a time, No.1, who had no communication in the game, successfully won four strong friends, successfully challenged them to the 100th floor in the nightmare, and won more rewards to successfully leave the country after leaving the country, she found that the originally managed guild had kicked her out being trapped is also caused by gang traitors what will happen if you mess with bangzun No.1 Yin Momo once established a guild by herself, and then she will destroy it by herself... (this article focuses on games, supplemented by love. Online and offline stories are interspersed)

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