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After teasing senior brother Xianmen, I regret it

After teasing senior brother Xianmen, I regret it

After teasing senior brother Xianmen, I regret it

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    After teasing senior brother Xianmen, I regret it
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    Beauty under the lamp 82
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    Vchale Novel
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2022-07-20 02:58:27
Once he made a mistake, Xiao Zhao dressed up as the sister of the villain in killing the devil the inexplicable system told her that if she wanted to live, she would die according to the content of the original book until the end but just a few days after he came to the ethereal sect, Xiao Zhao had other thoughts "Tongzi, that man is so gentle. If you love him, you can play a supporting role without breaking the main line?" the system replied in silence for a while, "he is the second man and the second woman." "the woman is the man. Do you have the heart to see the second man die alone? I want this man." ... the system said that it's better to let the second man be beautiful alone by you later, one day, Xiao Zhao took the system to buy air tickets overnight and stepped out of the ethereal sect: goodbye, go to her mother's system task, immortal devil dispute; Goodbye, go to his Shen Wenyan, what nonsense school love, I'm going to sail tonight the result was not happy for three seconds. A voice sounded behind him, "younger martial sister, where are you going?" "I, I, I'll experience." Xiao Zhao, who was caught by Shen Wenyan on the spot, has no love the system looks at Xiao Zhao trembling and beating his chest and feet. It feels like revenge she said that she had to know that Shen Wenyan was a black heart. She couldn't catch up with him to kill her Yan dog is dying!

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