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Star s top healer

Star s top healer

Star s top healer

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    Star s top healer
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    The medical rabbit of the florist
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    Wine Novel
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2022-01-19 04:51:50
Chen Xiwei: I have healing power. Is there a team or Legion that needs it the second Legion: we want to the third Legion: we want to Fourth Legion: come to us... Chen Xiwei: I owe the hospital 30 million medical expenses. Who will pay them back? I'll go there the second Legion: I can't afford it the third Legion: it's too expensive. You can buy several treatment warehouses the third Legion: we are poor... later, Chen Xiwei's powerful cure was exposed by the hospital, and the major legions said that 30 million was too little the Second Corps: we give 40 million the third Legion: we give 50 million the fourth Legion: we sold the treatment warehouse for 60 million the first regiment has spoken this time: we give you the head. All the money of the head is yours. Come to our regiment.

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