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Sheng Shiyu

Sheng Shiyu

Sheng Shiyu

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    Sheng Shiyu
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    Sheng Shiyu
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    365 Books
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2022-01-13 13:46:51
A dark shadow sprang out of the secluded part of Shengjia mansion in the fire xiaoyaozi shook off his sleeves and dust, and his eyes were still searching. The disciple of xiaomengwa he just recognized, Lord Sheng, insisted on not letting go last time, but now his family is buried in the sea of fire. Sheng's house is doomed to avoid this robbery. However, the fate of his little apprentice, that is, the first lady of Sheng's house, who has not yet studied, is different. He really can't give up the delusion rushed in again to look for it, but was blocked by the attack of fire. I could only watch everything fall in front of me.

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