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Xianyuan Shaohua record

Xianyuan Shaohua record

Xianyuan Shaohua record

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    Xianyuan Shaohua record
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    The lamb is silent
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    52weixin Books
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2022-03-21 21:41:48
At the beginning of ancient times, the three worlds of creation however, a Book of the heavenly classic was born to record the creation and inheritance of the world, causing disputes among the three circles heaven and earth are chaotic, life is ruined, and all living beings in the three realms flow with blood the book of heaven was smashed into nothingness in the great anger of creation the three boundaries suddenly crack, peel off and separate, and never meet again the creation and inheritance of the world, the secret treasures of gods and the blood of exotic animals have all disappeared in the long river of history even so, people all over the world are busy camping for the road to heaven just to touch the infinite life... -- small theater copy -- many years later, Wang Yuyan revisited her hometown, stood under the demon subduing array and looked up to the sky "master... Have you ever regretted saving the dying young daughter of the Wang family?" in the broken memory, only the faint crows chirped in response to her heaven and earth are inhumane and take all things as dogs all beings are equal, but why distinguish between high and low --common copy -- after the movie, I encountered an accident and was reborn in Wang Yuyan, a critically ill young girl in the world of immortality. I was born weak, terminally ill, and had no spiritual root. I couldn't practice. my parents were cheated to find medicine. I didn't know whether they were alive or dead. My only brother was bullied because of himself, family indifference and betrayal of relatives, Where should she go in this predatory world let's see how the weak girl in desperate situation rises in the mire, with her brother, she has achieved the avenue of cultivating immortality!

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