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The days of survival in leisure games

The days of survival in leisure games

The days of survival in leisure games

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    The days of survival in leisure games
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    Don't call elder sister Huige
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    The One Book
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2022-07-14 13:58:44
[unlimited flow / no CP] Su Xin, who can only live on unemployment benefits, found that she also had to go through social beatings in the game. It clearly wrote about leisure and entertainment games of all ages. As a result... killing task? Jedi survival? The player who swaggered one moment became a pile of horses the next! Race! Gram as a rookie, Su Xin hid in the corner trembling, "wait, I'll draw a prize first after watching an advertisement." the advertisement ended: "congratulations on getting the game props, hand-operated electric fan * 1" looking at the mini fan with a big palm in her hand, Su Xin decided to work hard ---- some time later ---- in other words, this is a game. How can NPCs be more personal than players in other words, this is an advertisement. How did the "series" become a trailer there are also cases of missing game players, sudden death of game players, games... "wait," Su Xin was stunned, "can I quit this game if I don't play?" NBS game platform: the final interpretation of all game rules belongs to this platform. I wish you a happy game!

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