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You come, let s go together

You come, let s go together

You come, let s go together

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    You come, let s go together
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    Gu Yuanxi
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    138 Book
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2022-01-18 20:49:48
International superstar Xu Yici has a strange habit, when going out or not eating, he must use his own chopsticks to eat even talking about millions of large-scale cooperation is no exception. Her agent Yue Wen is puzzled. Xu Yici lives in hundreds of millions of luxury houses, drives tens of millions of luxury cars and carries millions of jewelry, but uses this pair of chopsticks for a few yuan. even at home, Xu Yici only uses that pair of chopsticks Yue Wen didn't know until later that Xu Yi used chopsticks. She was retaining a memory and keeping a promise that people who made a promise had forgotten "when I had nothing, he gave me a pair of chopsticks. I think it's the world. Now, I have the world, but I lost him..."