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Shy angel

Shy angel

Shy angel

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    Shy angel
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    Lie in the clouds for a while
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    Day Books
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2021-12-30 18:46:41
Because of social fear, female college students lose their jobs after graduation and lose three years. He has been crushed by relatives for a long time and despised by the interviewer. But I often dream that I swim in the garden like an angel today, she broke up with her soon to be married boyfriend. Her boyfriend suddenly woke up and became the angel of her dream, pinching her neck to kill her. And she also awakened in danger. It turned out that she was also an angel when another angel pushed the door in, eh, isn't this today's interviewer so the mistress began her angel life on earth. She will have cute and interesting pets, have all kinds of adventures in her work, and complete magical tasks with other angels what kind of entanglement did the hostess have with these white feather angels and black feather angels in the past? What interesting things will happen in the future group pet, power, emotion, waiting for the author to watch