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Jiao Jiao is spoiled by bigots

Jiao Jiao is spoiled by bigots

Jiao Jiao is spoiled by bigots

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    Jiao Jiao is spoiled by bigots
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    Minminzi acridine
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    Daily Novel
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2022-01-19 06:36:11
In the last life, Su Jiaojiao died miserably after being cheated by scum men and women, and failed to live up to the people who loved her most when she returned from rebirth, Su Jiaojiao completely hung up, hugged he Jinyan's thigh and sprinkled dog food while abusing slag. Countless women regard prince he, who is said to be rich, powerful and beautiful, as their dream lover. Every day, they ask: has Su Jiaojiao been dumped today? In the twinkling of an eye, passers-by found Su Jiaojiao and prince he having a candlelight dinner in an upscale restaurant... Was su Jiaojiao abandoned today? Microblog hot search: prince he and Su Jiaojiao go abroad for vacation... Looking forward to white hair, they are full of children and grandchildren, and they are still as close as paint. The people shout: the clown is himself... Su Jiaojiao, I am used to living in the dark, you are my God--- He Jinyan

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