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Spring pear, clear snow and summer

Spring pear, clear snow and summer

Spring pear, clear snow and summer

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    Spring pear, clear snow and summer
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    Happy Novel
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2022-08-07 19:25:32
Gao ruoli, a top student in the Department of fine arts, entered the holographic pseudo real ancient style immortal game floating dream mountain and sea by chance. Here, there are dreamlike scenery, the sun and moon shuttle through the four seasons, the mountains and sea strange animals floating in the world in ancient legends, and the love and hatred hidden in history between immortal gates. At the same time, she also has rich and colorful daily life, various wonderful opportunities, hidden tasks, magical materials and rare treasures. Here, she experiences another kind of life and ideal, laughs and quarrels with her relatives and friends, and finds her own unique love ****************************************************************************************************************

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