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Summoned beast introduction

Summoned beast introduction

Summoned beast introduction

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    Summoned beast introduction
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    Dream Ling
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    The One Book
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2022-05-09 22:11:26
Su ChuChu was ordered to cross to the future to get things, but by mistake, he came to an unknown era Where should she go in this place without any historical records but it doesn't matter. Her body has been transformed to attract spirit beasts all kinds of high-level spirit beasts don't want to be pasted on her she doesn't belong here. She didn't want to disturb anyone or destroy anything adhering to the principle of keeping a low profile, he attracted special attention and caused a sensation because he was cared for by spirit beasts. It doesn't matter. Anyway, since you can't go back, you might as well have a good time it is said that there is a ferocious beast that can stop children crying at night and kill without blinking an eye. When it is betrayed and used by trusted people, it is bruised all over, the spirit is lax and will die, a pair of warm little hands touch him... relaxed text, day is more guaranteed. Please collect it if you like, thank you [warm tips: please collect tut]

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