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Xianyuan Tuchang

Xianyuan Tuchang

Xianyuan Tuchang

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2022-06-17 16:01:55
Once he woke up, Yao ruoqing crossed into an alien orphan just go through it. If you come, you'll be at ease it's just that this crossing... Is a bit of a pit as soon as she opened her eyes, she saw her mother hanging. Before she could digest all this, her adoptive father was going to strangle her... in the eighth year of Yao ruoqing's lucky survival, by chance, Yao ruoqing made a contract with the artifact "Caizhu" and met the God Jingguang in Caizhu only then did she know that this was a magical world that could cultivate immortals Jing Guang, who told her all this, was a five-year-old boy. He always stressed that he was a God who had lived for thousands of years, but Yao ruoqing was very suspicious "Yao ruoqing! Where's my grilled fish!" Yao ruoqing took out the kitchen utensils in the storage bag with a wooden face and said, "wait a minute, it'll be ready soon." in the vast road of cultivating immortals, only by firmly pursuing the Tao and fearing difficulties and obstacles can we go far "what is the Tao?" "the heart is the Tao." note: there is no man in this article

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