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God is on earth

God is on earth

God is on earth

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    God is on earth
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    First sight under the cloud
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    Garden Novel
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2022-05-13 07:49:46
The killing of a deity in the human world made the contradiction between the human world and the imperial court imminent. I don't know when the human world, which has a high reputation among the people, began to headache the imperial court in order to investigate the truth of the killing of a deity and pacify the people, Zhao Nanxing, the Lord in charge of politics, pseudonymed Mo Baiyi, cooperated with the new deity Luo Yang. One in the Dynasty and one in the field, together with general Meng Baichuan and Jianghu alliance leader Gu Yuexing, were involved in the aftermath of this troubled world once the center of the princess, can you be selfless in the face of the old country when she found that Mo Baiyi, who once lived and died together, was actually the prince of the year, old love and hate surged into her heart. How should she choose What's the secret of Zhao Nanxing?

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