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Protect NPC in survival game

Protect NPC in survival game

Protect NPC in survival game

Rating: 9 / 10 from 44846 ratings
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    Protect NPC in survival game
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    Jade ceremony
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2022-01-02 07:17:49
Gu xiangnuan was somehow pulled into the survival game do you want to protect NPCs in a survival game will the target character be wiped out after he dies this totally inhuman game is completely squeezing the working people she can't krypton gold. As a rookie, she can only rely on her brain and luck "who is the target character? You tell me!" survival system: "... for the first game, the target character was a seven-year-old child the second game, junior high school students the third game, high school? University this game also has automatic growth... "what? You're a player?" "what's the problem?" don't dare to have any problem with the big guy just after Gu xiangnuan thought he was holding his thigh, the system reported: "the game vulnerability has been repaired and the target character has been unbound." oh ho

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