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It was the seventh day of the month

It was the seventh day of the month

It was the seventh day of the month

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    It was the seventh day of the month
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    Good time
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    Apple novel
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2022-11-30 04:40:37
On the seventh day of the month, I was dependent on my mother since I was a child. Unexpectedly, I crossed another time line and saw my biological father, Yu Huaiyuan, the founding emperor of Da Yu after becoming the eldest princess, she fought with slag father every day after the book is created? no way! Start the draft? No polygamy in feudal society and three thousand beauties in imperial harem, don't think about it... Wei Xingjian was a famous bastard since childhood. He made a small trouble on the third day and made a big mistake on the fifth day. Even his father was not afraid of being beaten after being sent to the academy by my family, I also fought and played truant. I either tricked my classmates or talked back to my husband all day until the imperial edict arrived on the seventh day of the month, he was appointed as the favorite of the new League of the Academy, and everything around him changed... What if he was more knowledgeable than me? What if people are better than me? What if I'm higher than me does she have anything I can eat? Can she sleep with me? I dare to like her. Does she dare to like me on the seventh day of the month: "I dare!"

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