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The doctor s husband is the ancestor

The doctor s husband is the ancestor

The doctor s husband is the ancestor

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    The doctor s husband is the ancestor
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    Zi Yu Zi Chu
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    Yipin Books
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2022-01-23 18:58:33
Su Qingguo, the young Lord of King Mu's house, Mu Yiyao, crossed on his way back to the city because a drunken fairy secretly came down to earth and went astray, the door of time and space forgot to close immortal Bingbing: "well, don't worry, I will come back to pick you up." Mu Yiyao: "..." who will tell him what's going on Fu Yingying managed to get through her internship and rented a house. She no longer had to go to the Internet and electricity in the middle of the night, sleep on the street and go home on vacation. Suddenly, she found that there was a handsome man at home< Br> Oh, as like as two peas in a painting, she is the same man. Br > could it be that the ancestors came to light Fu Yingying asked excitedly, "will you fly in the sky? Will you flash suddenly? Will you beat cattle across the mountain? Will there be smoke on your head during meditation?..." Mu Yiyao's eyes twitched and looked like a little fool one night, Fu Yingying came home from overtime and was followed by others. When she noticed, she ran forward desperately. The people behind her chased her. Unexpectedly, she stumbled under her feet and fell to the ground. Is it going to kill her? Then Mu Yiyao appeared in front of her like a God, and the crisis was relieved. Since then, when Fu Yingying worked overtime to go home, there was always a figure behind her, which made her very relieved when Bing Bing finally found a way to take him back, Mu Yiyao fell into a struggle Fu Yingying: "go back. You have your responsibilities, people you want to protect, and rivers and mountains you can't let go. I'll go forward." say goodbye with a smile and tears in the corners of my eyes I love you, so I want to perfect myself more than you.

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