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Conan s anti strategy game

Conan s anti strategy game

Conan s anti strategy game

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    Conan s anti strategy game
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    Would you like a gin
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    Wine Novel
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2022-01-07 15:46:36
Daily: Gin: boss, I apply to kill undercover Yi Nanlian: Yes System: drop - Qin wine liking degree + 5, current liking degree 80, harmful five stars, dangerous, please take it seriously Yi Nanlian: Qin wine, don't go. I'll give you a holiday System: drop - Qin wine's liking degree is + 20, the current liking degree is 100, and the harm is infinite. You are sent away by a shot of Qin wine who loves you deeply. Please read the archive or start again Yi Nanlian: I @#$% & * this article is from the perspective of women anti strategy, that is, players need to make efforts to reduce the favor of their characters. No CP (if there is a CP, the female master will die) the full text follows the sand carving wind. The female Lord takes over the identity of Umaru Lianye. The original plot of Conan has been greatly changed.

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