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System: start ugly waste selling fake drugs

System: start ugly waste selling fake drugs

System: start ugly waste selling fake drugs

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    System: start ugly waste selling fake drugs
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    Qian Huayue
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    Pc Books
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[system + brainless little white text + pet + urban immortality + upgrade to fight monsters and abuse slag] once the soul wears it, the dark cloud clothes come to another earth the earth has been revived, terror has come, fierce animals are entrenched, gods covet, and monsters, ghosts and insects are unscrupulous. It's too broad to be afraid I thought there was a golden finger when crossing. Take her to dress B and fly her who knows the beginning, selling fake drugs in the street in the name of ugly waste scare< br>(` Д )!! I'm afraid I won't be caught who ever thought that at the critical moment, the system wakes up, fake drugs become real drugs, and ugliness becomes genius condensing Qi pill, foundation building pill, boundary breaking pill, crossing robbery pill... the supply is in short supply and is on sale the world's top heroes are helpless, the richest man is ashamed, the precious school grass covets, the beautiful male anchor regrets, and the high cold nobles and top strong people regret their original time and shout that they have lost their eyes reincarnate and rebuild the strongest God Emperor, "you are all scum, but I know 'clothes'!"

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