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Purple rock Fairy Magic record

Purple rock Fairy Magic record

Purple rock Fairy Magic record

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    Purple rock Fairy Magic record
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    Early morning dusk
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    365 Books
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2022-09-05 09:30:40
As an orthopedic doctor from the 21st century, Yan Yang can't do anything, such as not saving at the sight of death, forgetting righteousness at the sight of profit, steering the wheel at the sight of the wind, thinking of change at the sight of different things,... he only knows to do things with conscience and cultivate immortality with ability... Yes, I'm so fierce. I came to fix immortals because my brain was split by thunder why, why do I wear it on the Lingshan mountain and have my own space after two steps? All the benefits belong to me, as if I were an immortal second generation who told me to carry gold in my life once you enter the immortal gate, it's as deep as the sea. From then on, the man is a passer-by. bitter... there are teammates but no CP. this is a story of a little cute becoming a strong woman

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