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After wearing the book, she became the devil s favorite

After wearing the book, she became the devil s favorite

After wearing the book, she became the devil s favorite

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    After wearing the book, she became the devil s favorite
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    Jiao Yue Wen tea
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2022-06-10 01:45:41
[the full text is free, 1v1, sweet pet, Shuangjie] Shen Nan wears books seven times. I can't sleep at all. She was in a bad mood at night, unable to sleep, and make complaints about a book. Br > in that case, she will be a salted fish with peace of mind and will not provoke the secular world. But someone always wants to force her to attack, abuse and slander in that case, she will be a restless salted fish at the surprise banquet, she surprised the world with a poem "will enter the wine" by Li Bai, a poet; In Chongjin City, she led the troupe to become rich by the guidance of Mawangdui, which spread all over the streets in the East; At the Xiyu conference, she won the first place and won the admission qualification of Imperial College in one fell swoop... - even so, the world still can't tolerate her, and her vicious name is getting worse and worse the world only says that Princess Jinghong indulges dandies and is gorgeous even if she is surprised, but it is difficult to wash the name of malice. His talent and appearance cannot be tolerated one day, the devil took the princess Shen away? Everyone applauded: Princess Shen is finally dying yunqi, the demon king, was furious: what's the problem with me? I'm married by three media, six Ping, eight lift the big sedan chair, and marry my favorite SHEN Nanqi: I wanted to be a salted fish without asking about the secular world. In this way, I will subvert the Jiuqi continent and share the prosperity of the world with you - at a glance from the fireworks in my childhood, I don't know whether the fireworks all over the city add color to the gentle childe, or whether the jade boy adds color to the evening city. She only knew that some people watched the fireworks and others watched the people in the fireworks later, the world only knows that two people have promised to live forever since then. (the content of this book is fictional. If there are similarities, it is pure coincidence)

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