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When you dress up as the protagonist s golden thigh

When you dress up as the protagonist s golden thigh

When you dress up as the protagonist s golden thigh

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    When you dress up as the protagonist s golden thigh
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2022-04-22 11:16:23
Xu Sanduo grabbed the list she is happy to play role-playing with the board. Her task is to take care of the board, let the board experience the cool three piece set, golden finger, harem, and soar to dominate the world I didn't notice that the world difficulty of choosing boards is hell. She has been put into this world for more than 600 years. I haven't seen the shadow of boards. It's hard to find boards. The boards she took care of all the way were killed by people... boards hang up. What should she do the world punishment was upgraded to hell + she was demoted, but it doesn't matter. She picked up the board in the garbage and took good care of it. As a result, one was touched by the dark forces outside and hung up again god damn it hell upgrade + + her level dropped again and again, hell level evolved into Shura field, and her rigid appearance became worse and worse you can't support the board. Do you want to experience the cool three piece set of progress bars? Want to fart... as a result, when the task was settled, she told her that she had served the wrong board, board was reincarnated three times in more than 600 years, with an average age of 200 years. She turned her braids several times while waiting. Before waiting for her, she complained about her when she went back... so what did she care about from beginning to end just as she was about to leave the world, a red haired man broke into her shabby house. After a confused operation, her system was scrapped since then, her purgatory world has soared to purgatory SS + jomi every day, you have to say something to the red haired man to appease him, and secretly repair the download system I managed to get rid of it. As soon as I returned to the headquarters to hand over the work, I saw red hair... jomi!

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