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Hold the golden finger in the book

Hold the golden finger in the book

Hold the golden finger in the book

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    Hold the golden finger in the book
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    Buddha said 1
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    Yipin Books
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2022-01-14 05:03:53
Introduction 1: "I've crossed. To be exact, I'm stuck in an unknown world. The world is like a game without service. I'm the only living person here. People here can be seen everywhere, including male disciples sweeping the floor, female disciples watering flowers, and unknown people guarding the gate of the library." "But they all seem to have been input with some kind of setting, which will be triggered automatically when talking to them, and the answer is always only set content, just like AI." "I slowly grope my way home in this unknown world, but the more I explore further, the more I find the great secret hidden in this world..." Introduction 2: the period of good monarch crossed to a book called "claiming the emperor in the fairy world: invincible at the beginning" In the novel world, the male leader is invincible at the beginning, while he is cannon fodder at the beginning, which is very different from each other. in order to go home, he took the female second's thigh, that is, the male leader's teacher and golden finger. However, with the progress of the plot, he found that things were getting more and more wrong. In the original book, the female second was infatuated with the male leader, and the male leader respected the teacher. but why did the male leader lose his love at the beginning Poison the second daughter, and what's the matter with the second daughter who chases the man all over the world in the middle of the night?! Shanjun Qi looked at the man who fell to the ground not far away and was dying, and looked at the second daughter who looked after him. "what's the matter?! did I read a fake novel?!!!" Lightning protection!!! Don't enter the party with light cultivation and refinement. Most men are the main point of view. Don't enter if you don't like it.

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