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After becoming the favorite of the paranoid crown prince

After becoming the favorite of the paranoid crown prince

After becoming the favorite of the paranoid crown prince

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    After becoming the favorite of the paranoid crown prince
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    Qi Yan
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2023-05-26 10:49:56
The female emperor of Huayang, with her spiritual power against the sky, raised her face and played the emperor for several years. However, on the night of her wedding, she was burned by fire and died without a whole body after rebirth, she became the sixth Princess of waste firewood who had no spiritual power in the enemy country everyone regards the six princesses as a disgrace, her fiance will withdraw at any cost, her close relatives plan to frame them, however, the six princesses who came back from the mountain bandits have changed... control elements, resist all animals and practice magic medicine arrogant, ambitious and mean nothing, but it turns the world around and makes the world surging ※ later, the hell was empty. Xia Qinglan thought she was the only one. The "delicate and weak" and powerful supreme God came down from the altar: "if you tease me, you will be responsible ~" Xia Qinglan: don't you resist death segment 1: the prime minister, who has always been indifferent and arrogant, knelt on the ground and was extremely humble: "in this world, I don't want it. Can you come back?" the woman provoked the man's chin, and the flame in her hand burned the man's skin. She said: "but you, I don't want it..." segment 2: among the piles of corpses, the gorgeous man held a head in his hand and was full of bloodthirsty eyes the woman was murderous: "my man, dare you move?" people: I'm afraid he's not blind ※ the female monarch vs the male god. The male god is clean in body and mind, grows up with revenge, inspires and works together to abuse dregs one sentence introduction: the female emperor's husband was a delicate little white flower at the beginning, but later became a paranoid black heart lotus with explosive combat effectiveness... this is a history of the female emperor's revenge and a daily favorite wife of the big black man this article is also called "my weak and unable husband has blackened again" join the bookshelf quickly

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