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In the palm of the reborn power minister

In the palm of the reborn power minister

In the palm of the reborn power minister

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    In the palm of the reborn power minister
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    Light reed
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    Wine Novel
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2022-01-08 13:28:07
In previous lives, yuan QingHan was cheated by Zhu yaozhuo and Yin Xueyi. In order to avenge his family, he committed himself to the powerful beitangheyi. Until the moment of death, he knew that it was Zhu yaozhuo who killed her, and beitanghe also died by shooting arrows through his heart in order to save her to live a new life, she must protect her family, take revenge and revenge. In this life, she will never live up to beitangheye and return him the truth, but will he still love her small theater: [previous life] beitanghe also lies in a pool of blood with thousands of arrows through his heart. On his deathbed, "if there is an afterlife, I will never love you again!" [this life] it is rumored that beitanghe, the ruthless and murderous head of the cabinet, also has a little fan sister around him like a follower, you can't get rid of it Yan Bin said: My Lord, the follower is plotting against you again My Lord: no harm. Don't interfere Yan Bin: Sir, the emperor slandered you behind your back, and the follower slapped him My Lord: did you hurt your hand Yanbin stomach Fei: Sir, when did you care so much about followers... one day, the follower had to know his life soon. When he saw Bei Tanghe, he hid. Bei Tanghe couldn't bear it. He leaned her against the corner of the wall: "why hide from me?" the follower: "I thought you didn't like me..." "wasn't I obvious enough?" ... one day, The wife of a song Fu solicited a concubine for a song Fu Shoufu Nu: why? You're going to give up Madam: isn't it common for people to like the new and hate the old Shoufu has a murderous intention: so, you have a crush on Bai Luoting?!

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