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He came from the second dimension

He came from the second dimension

He came from the second dimension

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    He came from the second dimension
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    Vatican Xin
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    Mountain Book
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2023-05-19 02:14:19
On a blind date that day, Jiang Yulu accidentally stepped on a piece of shit. She thought she would have good luck in the next days maybe after 26 years of solitude, she will enter the palace of marriage but no, she couldn't describe what happened next as "things didn't work out..." + + + + + "Feng Feng, you know? Now I just realized that the shit I stepped on that day originally meant you." she suddenly realized to the man who was tying his shoes Lin Jinfeng stood up and said seriously, "well, what Lulu says is what she says." + + + + in other people's eyes, Jiang Yulu is a rich lady and a surprised female president but in Lin Jinfeng's heart, she is just a little girl who can talk to herself with a lollipop on her keyboard "I don't want to see you suffer all the grievances in the world, so I'm here." he broke the dimensional boundary just for his Lulu to be no longer hurt "others will only see you shining, but can't see the scars behind you, so I'm here." the million God of war in the alien online game, the most murderous cross server, is willing to bow down to be a minister for a woman "in any case, you are the master in my name. I live and die with you." + + + + "Lulu, why did you give me this name?" "because once we meet, we win countless people in the world."