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There is a milk rabbit in Chi Shen s house

There is a milk rabbit in Chi Shen s house

There is a milk rabbit in Chi Shen s house

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    There is a milk rabbit in Chi Shen s house
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    Yang Xiaoen
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    Sky Book
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2021-12-20 10:07:17
[1v1 two-way secret love cookies] as we all know, KPL is also popular. It clearly has a soft, cute and easy to fall down milk dog face, which can produce a pair of unfathomable and world weary eyes he has a voice that just wants people to give him monkeys, but he has a mouth that doesn't keep people however, this did not affect the fans' enthusiasm for him, and even got a slogan to support him the wild God doesn't speak, so he has temperament and operation as soon as the wild God opens his mouth, he feeds the dog all his image and integrity until a little girl with a rich nutritious meal appeared in the live broadcast room the wild God raised his eyebrows and said, "hot ~" fans: "??" wild dog, you have changed "what's the depth of the agreement? The bright eyes are staring at people. How fat is the flower!" "what's the purpose of the agreement? What's the coquettish tone of asking for feeding and touching?" fans are wondering how the little girl hooked up with their noble and proud gray wolf until the people saw that the baby rabbit took out her original life order. After the whole audience, the horse armour on the national uniform couldn't cover it fans: "you're wild, you're wild, you're more wild than the wild God!" I lost - when the little rabbit sees through the trick of a big gray wolf and is ready to run away... "gentle and capable, don't run away." "I don't have it!" "who was the person who disappeared without a trace after handing over the love letter? Don't explain, you are advice!" ". " fall into my nest? Do you still want to run? "" run? Can you run. " [the story of a black and sticky gray wolf selling cute in milk dog skin and pretending to be a fool to abduct a delicate and weak little milk rabbit home.]

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