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Don t be so calm Hey!

Don t be so calm Hey!

Don t be so calm Hey!

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    Don t be so calm Hey!
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    Tired man
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    365 Books
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2023-03-11 15:20:21
[1v1] [gifted game girl] × [handsome Pro] [calm down × Silence or dumbness × Shock! Silent, the strongest assassin God in KPL history, even announced that he was going to play auxiliary. People talked about who was more capable of fighting wild than silent. In the training room, Lin Xingzhu played with CAI Wenji and staggered behind Han Xin, who played with Jiang LAN. While saying "wait for me, slow down", he silently pre ordered a pair of disease running shoes in the equipment column In the interview after the game, he proudly took Jiang Lan's hand and said, "this is my girlfriend!" the bullet screen is full of envy Lin Xingzhu: "woman, your success has attracted my attention." Jiang LAN: "I don't like jealousy. It's too sour."... This is a story of a boy who secretly loves wood and tries to enlighten the people he likes.

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