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Our family is a girl

Our family is a girl

Our family is a girl

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    Our family is a girl
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    Undisputed samadhi
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2022-02-19 20:58:39
There is a great lack of assistance on the lol field of the League of heroes at the beginning of the new season, the agent announced at the regular press conference of KDT team that winner, the passer-by expert ranking first in Korean clothes in S10 season, successfully passed three rounds of interviews and officially became the starter of the new season when he returned to his practice room, Shan Jiong shook his head: "oh my God, she's a super beautiful girl! I'm not calm anymore." captain Zhao Liuhui realized that this problem is very serious: "it's good for you to look more and get used to it." Da Ye cut asked again: "what if she wants to fall in love?" Zhao Liuhui pinched his eyes and said sadly, "let her talk." there was another question on the list: "what if...?" Zhao Liuhui: "stop, aren't you afraid that her talented player will be recruited by the next team as an assistant?" the players calmed down and shook their heads together to answer: "no!" Zhao Liuhui continued to ask: "Do you want to add another strong opponent?" "no!" so everyone at KDT decided to overcome all difficulties and welcome newcomers to join! - (this story is purely fictional and has nothing to do with the three-dimensional known team.)

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