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Golden monologue in muddy sky

Golden monologue in muddy sky

Golden monologue in muddy sky

Rating: 9 / 10 from 312 ratings
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    Golden monologue in muddy sky
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    Snow blowing in Guanshan
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    Sky Book
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2022-04-25 05:56:00
Yan Jin, the entrepreneur father of interior designer Yan Chuo, died in an explosion caused by a serial murderer Walker three years ago. She lost her memory when she was kidnapped as a hostage and woke up from a coma. Since then, the police have been tracking Walker's whereabouts; A year ago, Walker reappeared and created a series of hostage taking and bank theft cases. People close to Yan Jin were killed one after another today, Yan Chuo was invited to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony of Meishi Yingxian exhibition hall designed by himself, but there were frequent accidents at the ceremony. Chen Xiaoran, the special commissioner of the Municipal Bureau, arrived at the museum after receiving an anonymous report that there would be an accident at the scene. The evidence of Shen Chen, the acting curator of the exhibition hall, suspected of murder appeared on the screen. The electronic system in the museum was hacked, and the subtitles on the big screen showed Walker in the Museum... All these point to the case three years ago as time goes back, the story behind it gradually surfaced. It turns out that sometimes what we see is not necessarily the truth.

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