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I m with you on your way to glory

I m with you on your way to glory

I m with you on your way to glory

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    I m with you on your way to glory
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    Air elephant
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    The One Book
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2022-09-22 06:51:58
Lin Xixi is an ordinary sophomore of Haida University. She looks like an ordinary girl with ordinary personality and more ordinary grades but ordinary she is a good player in playing games. She plays games all the time except class, eating and sleeping. Games are all her hobbies. Of course, she also has secret love objects unfortunately, the object of her secret love is so powerful that she doesn't even have the courage to say a word to him he is a recognized xuebajia school grass of Haida University. It is said that he founded a game company before he graduated. She can only think of such a powerful person although she likes playing games, several roommates in the dormitory are kind to her she also has a game friend who often plays black games with him. She has known him for two years he likes to play wild, she likes to play shooters. They cooperate very well. His voice is very nice, just like what his male God said on the podium. It's gentle and atmospheric, but she knows that her male god won't be free to play this game I thought she would spend her college time like this, but I didn't expect that an interesting thing happened in her life after the school held a game competition

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